Bid Schedule

TARC Renovations – Ground West & 1 West, Arlington, VA
Solicitation W9133L19B0001                            Subcontractors Bid Due: 8/13/19
Office Space Renovations of One West and Ground West Project located at the Herbert R. Temple Jr., Army National Guard Readiness Center (TARC), in Arlington, VA. The project consists of office space renovations, which includes the addition of break rooms and conference rooms, the moving of partition (non-load bearing) walls, drywall work, new ceiling tiles, flooring, cove base, painting/staining, chair rail, signs, floor box moves and window glazing.  The project shall be accomplished in 5 phases.

Munitions Load Crew Training Facility at Joint Base Andrews, MD
Solicitation W912R119B5002                            Subcontractors Bid Due: 8/27/19
Construction of a Munitions Load Crew Training Hangar and supporting facilities and for a total of 8,279 gross square feet of new construction. Support facilities include toilets, offices, classroom, storage and support spaces. All work shall be complete and function as intended, as if identified exclusively. All work shall be accomplished in accordance with applicable drawings, specifications,  industry standards, applicable Building and Environmental Codes, Regulations, and Laws.  Contractor shall comply with all applicable Unified Facilities Criteria (UFC) and Air National Guard Engineering Technical Letters (ANG ETL) in addition to Federal, State, and local regulations.  The project will be LEED Silver Certified.

Renovate Third Floor West Courtroom Sets and Corridors, Washington, DC
Solicitation DCSC-19-RFP-188                            Subcontractors Bid Due: 8/28/19
Design and construction services to Renovate the Third Floor Courtroom Sets and Corridors of the Moultrie Courthouse, at 500 Indiana Avenue, NW.

Special Operations Command (SOCOM) Maintenance/Supply Facility, Humphreys Engineer Center (HEC), Alexandria, VA
The new 47,297 SF (4,394 SM) facility will house a multi-bay motor pool, a supply receiving and storage area, and contain areas for electronic equipment maintenance. New construction will consist of intermediate pile foundation, concrete floor slab, steel frame, insulated precast concrete walls with brick and masonry veneer and concrete faces, standing seam metal roof, and a raised access floor system. The supply support facility will contain warehouse and administrative logistics functions. The warehouse will provide both conditioned and unconditioned storage for pallets and other unit equipment. A pre-manufactured arms magazine and storage area will be within the warehouse.

Fitness Center at DLA, Chesterfield County Richmond, VA
The current Fitness Center will relocate from Building 33 to Building 32. Work will include a gymnasium with a regulation basketball court and bleacher-style spectator seating on one side, Locker/Shower/Toilet areas, a break room, large-group exercise room, aerobics/spinning room, gymnasium equipment storage and relocated Mechanical, electrical and telecom spaces. Demolition will include removal of existing carpet, ceiling tiles, and other miscellaneous flooring as well as existing interior metal stud and GWB partitions and wall coverings to accommodate new masonry and metal stud walls in the above mentioned spaces.

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