Bid Schedule

MDOT Interior Renovations, Hanover, MD
IFB Number: MDOT-OFFAS-1928
Subcontractor Bids Due: 11/14/19
Renovations on the 4th floor to include painting the entire floor and carpeting and tiling of the entire floor excluding the executive suite.  Renovations on the 1st floor to include painting, carpet, and tile work in the 1st floor Richard Trainor conference room and 1st floor lobby and lobby alcoves. Lobby shall include replacement of the walk-off carpet. Renovations at both the North stairwell and the south stairwell to include replace of the carpet from the ground floor up.

ACPS – Building Renovations at Douglas MacArthur at Taney Avenue, Alexandria, VA
ITB Number 200013
Subcontractor Bids Due: 11/19/19
Renovate Douglas MacArthur at Taney Avenue (the structure previously known as Patrick Henry Elementary School).  Work will include infill of floor, replacement of damaged or soiled existing ceiling tile, painting of all previously painted interior walls, replacement or reparation of damaged floor areas, relamping of all building lights, cleaning or replacement of light lenses, replacement of the water heaters,  and replacement of the fire alarm system to meet current code.

USPS Cumberland MD Main Office HVAC Replacement, Cumberland, MD
Task Order
Subcontractor Bids Due: 11/30/19
Work will include HVAC replacement, electrical work, repairs to existing finishes, structural framing for the support of the roof top units, roofing repair work and temporary removal of existing ceilings to permit the above ceiling work.

Crisis Care Facility, Fairfax, VA
Project No. HS-000038-002
Subcontractor Bids Due: 12/10/19
The project consists primarily of interior renovation and reconfiguration of an existing one story institutional residential care facility with minor site improvements.  The building is approximately 9,500-sF previously housing a Boys Probation House.  Interior renovation includes selective demolition, partial interior reconfiguration, new toilet rooms and selective interior finish upgrades.  In addition, building systems upgrades for mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection and security. Site improvements are limited to parking lot re-striping and new fence installation.

Warehouse 4 Sprinkler System, Richmond, VA
Replace the fire sprinkler system throughout meeting the UFC and NFPA codes.

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