Bid Schedule

Veterans Benefits Admin Regional Office Renovations, Baltimore Regional Office, MD
Subcontractors Bid Due: 11/22/21
The General Services Administration (GSA), Region 03, has identified a need for Construction Services at the George H. Fallon Building at 21 Hopkins Plaza, Baltimore, MD. Among the Fallon Building’s tenants is the Veterans Affairs Regional Offices (VARO). The VA requires new renovated space on the second floor and on the sixteenth floor. The amount of space that needs to be renovated totals approximately 29,960 square feet. Also included within the scope of this project includes the renovation of the first floor, which totals approximately 8,776 square feet–not including the adjacent VSO area (2,619 square feet). The first floor renovation area includes an interview area, loan guaranty and vocational rehabilitation & employment division space that have these requirements exhibited within the attached document. Move coordination during these four phases is required under this contract. The general scope of work includes, but is not limited to, demolition of existing offices, break rooms, and conference rooms, and interior renovations for new tenant layouts. The new tenant layout includes offices, open workstation area, file and storage rooms, copy and break rooms, and conference/training rooms, interview rooms. IT support spaces are also included in the design. New/repaired finishes, mechanical/plumbing work, electrical work, and fire protection work are involved for complete operational space. Phasing for this project is based on floor location. The project shall be completed in four (4) phases as described in the Contract Documents. Each phase shall achieve partial substantial completion and be occupied by the Government before beginning the next phase unless indicated otherwise. The contractor shall coordinate with the Government for all move/relocation schedules and timelines.

Frederick County Virginia Public Schools HVAC equipment at Armel Elementary School, VA
Subcontractors Bid Due: 11/24/21
New HVAC equipment shall include, but not be limited to, new dedicated outside air system (DOAS) units, new outside air and ductwork for DOAS units, new VAV boxes for DOAS units, new fans, etc. Work also includes providing and installing new BAS Controls.

Frederick County Virginia Public Schools HVAC equipment at Middletown Elementary School, VA
Subcontractors Bid Due: 11/29/21
New HVAC equipment shall include, but not be limited to, new dedicated outside air system (DOAS) units, new outside air and ductwork for DOAS units, new VAV boxes for DOAS units, new fans, etc. Work also includes providing and installing new BAS Controls.

Fairfax County Workhouse Buildings W13/W15, VA
Subcontractors Bid Due: 12/01/21

This project consists of repairs to the exterior envelope and interior renovation to a total of 10,000-sf shell space for future tenant fit out at Buildings W13 and W15 located on the Fairfax County’s Historic Workhouse Campus. The existing buildings are considered historical, and the Workhouse Campus site is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. As such, the Scope of Work may include special protection of existing-to-remain elements, fabrication of proposed replacement elements, and materials to match the historic nature of the building and restoration of existing elements. Also included is the complete installation of the fire and life safety systems, with utility connections and limited MEP systems for a shell space for future tenant fit out. Exterior site work includes installation of new plazas with a bio-retention system, landscaping, ADA accommodations and related paving work within the campus. Project scope also includes site and streetscape work along Ox Road in the vicinity of the facility. Applicants are to note that the adjacent Workhouse Arts Center will remain open to the public and fully operational during the renovation/construction period.

Town of Middleburg-New Town Hall, VA
Subcontractors Bid Due: 12/07/21
A new 11,725 square foot, single story Town Hall to include all administrative functions of the Town, the Town Police Department, and new Council Chambers. The project will be completed in two phases: Phase I – Construction of New Town Hall; Phase II –Demolition of existing Town Hall and associated site work. The mechanical work includes, but is not limited to, HVAC, plumbing and sprinkler systems and automatic temperature controls. The building heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) system shall be a Hydronic Multizone Variable Air Volume (VAV) System with Sensible Cooling ATU’s. A ground mounted air-cooled heat recovery modular chiller, integrated pumping system, and 4-pipe chilled water (CHW) and heating water (HW) loop to serve sensible cooling/heating air terminal units located throughout the building. Outside air will be supplied directly to the spaces via a roof mounted air-cooled packaged DX DOAS unit. The building HVAC systems shall be controlled by a web-based DDC building automation system. A wet-pipe sprinkler system located throughout the building. A Fire Alarm Annunciator Panel (FAAP) and a Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP) will be located in the Entry Vestibule. The electrical work includes, but is not limited to an electrical service. The service will be fed underground from the local Utility Company (Dominion Power) pad-mounted transformer. The main transformer shall feed multiple panel switchboards. A new diesel fired generator shall be provided to serve the main building life safety, stand-by, and normal loads. Interior lighting will be LED; fixture types are primarily direct/indirect, downlights and troffers. Exterior building mounted fixtures shall be LED. Site lighting fixtures shall be solar powered. The building shall be provided with a lightning protection system. The building shall have a Data/Communication Network System complete with backbone and horizontal cabling. Site work includes Earthwork, sheeting and shoring, excavation and fill Rough and fine grading, Entrance improvements to W. Marshall Street along the site’s frontage, New Entrance improvements to Pendleton Street, SWM facilities, including but not limited to temporary measures swales, ponds, bio retention, and manufactured treatment devices, Wet and dry underground utilities, Open channel and closed conduit storm drainage system, Sanitary sewer, Site and roadway lighting, Site signage and pavement marking, Curb and gutter, sidewalks, and concrete and asphalt paving, Landscaping and tree preservation, Erosion and sediment controls, including permanent and temporary stabilization.

Munitions Load Crew Training Facility, JBA, MD
This project is for the new construction of an 8,279-SF. Munitions Load Crew Training Hangar and supporting facilities. Support facilities include toilets, offices, classroom, storage and support spaces. Project elements include, but are not limited to: sitework, pavement, utilities, stormwater management, building envelope, AT/FP compliant windows, upward acting motorized fabric hangar door, personnel entry doors, interior partitions and finishes, HVAC systems, 20-Ton air conditioning, plumbing systems, fire protection systems, power, lighting and telecommunications. Project also includes a fire water storage tank and a pump house. The facility should be compatible with applicable DoD, Air Force, and base design standards.

DOC A Phase 2D Tenant Build Out, St Elizabeths West Campus, DC
The Contractor will be responsible for all labor, materials, equipment, and project oversight (i.e., management and field supervision) to execute the project and contract requirements. Construction Services required include but are not limited to: Selective Demolition: 1. Flooring to structural slab 2. Ceiling tile finishes and existing doors Partitions Interior Construction: 1.Self-leveling cement-based flooring, 2.Partitions 3. Flooring/Walls/Ceilings/Paint 4. Interior Doors/Finishes 5. Wood treatment 6. Interior all-glass storefronts and signage 7. Acoustical panels and finishes Plumbing 1. New mechanical equipment. 2. Sleeves, controls, and Seals for Fire-Suppression Piping and Equipment 3. General plumbing, such as drainage, cleanouts, valves, piping, fittings 4. Plumbing – Sanitation lines and new plumbing for bathrooms. Mechanical: 1. New mechanical equipment. 2. HVAC –new systems: a. HVAC Distribution ductwork, chilled beams, outlets, hydronic piping, VAV, FCU, insulation, etc. b. Installation of new HVAC Equipment c. Modifications to the HVAC controls. d. Testing & balancing. 3. Fire Protection –relocating and adjusting the sprinkler heads. Electrical: 1. General . 2. Security Requirements – 3. Electrical and Grounding Distribution –electrical distribution modifications. 4. Receptacles & Branch Wiring –receptacles and misc. branch power in all the reprogramming areas. 5. Lighting & Lighting Controls –lighting and lighting controls in all the reprogramming areas. 6. Communications –telecom outlets rough-in, any equipment, racks, patch panels or switches. 7. Security Systems – modifications of the existing systems in the reprogramming areas. 8. Fire Alarm System – modifications to the existing fire alarm system. 9. Audio-Visual Rough-In Project Description: The DHS Operations Center (DOC A) Phase 2D includes several major construction elements relating to the remaining tenant fit-out of the DHS consolidated Operations Center facility (DHS Operations Center (DOC A) Phase 2D is currently finished with construction, but has some additional services needed, so it will be included in this proposal as a modification.

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