Bid Schedule

MSU Schaefer Auditorium Renovation, MD
Subcontractors Bid Due: 01/13/21 by 5PM
DEMOLITION: Acoustical ceiling tiles (grid to remain), ceiling lights, recessed speakers, seating, wall acoustical panels, carpet throughout, pull down projection screen analog clock, tread nosing/warning strips, and other work as directed.  Patching and finishing of concrete stair/seat risers/treads and drywall as necessary; painting of handrails/drywall ceiling/walls, flooring/risers/treads; installation of carpet throughout as indicated, stair tread nosing/warning strips; installation of new acoustical panels, new ceiling tiles (supplement grid as necessary), lighting to change to LED, repairing of stair lights, provide lighting controls to allow for dimming and sectional control. Furnish and Install three hundred (300) seats.

Upgrades Package A – West Building Hot Water Plants , VA
Subcontractors Bid Due: 01/18/21 by 5PM
The majority of work will take place in the mechanical room in the basement of the West Building of the Adult Detention Center located at Fairfax County 10520 Judicial Drive Fairfax VA 22030. Work outside this area includes installing new enclosed flue on the exterior of the building up to the roof level. The existing combined heating water and domestic hot water plant will be demolished and replaced by new domestic water heating plants. The plant will include condensing gas-fired boilers and beaters flue venting makeup water assembly air separator, expansion tank, distribution pumps and connection to existing piping distribution system which will remain existing. All systems will connect to an existing direct digital control system. The existing wet-pipe sprinkler fire protection systems will require minor revisions within the project. The existing electrical system will require modification to support the replaced pumps and boilers. The electrical design includes tapping the feeder to the existing motor control center and providing a new l20/208V distribution panelboard for mechanical equipment. New wiring conduit and disconnects are provided for all new mechanical units. The project will be executed in phases. Demolition of the existing heating and domestic water plant will not take place until after the new domestic hot water plant is fully operational (before the 2021 fall/winter heating season.)

Construction Services for the New W Street, NE Bus Terminal for the Office of State Superintendent of Education’s Division of Transportation (OSSE DOT) , DC
Subcontractors Bid Due: 1/29/21 by 5PM
New Bus Depot including but not limited to the following:
a. Selective demolition of the existing facility including any hazardous material abatement.
b. New construction of the existing facility.
c. Demolition of site to accommodate the new retaining wall.
d. Construction of the retaining wall and associated structures.
e. Installation of the Guard Booths.
f. Resurfacing the site to accommodate the new parking layout.
g. New utility trenching to accommodate new site program.
h. Parking striping and site lighting for the new parking layout.
i. New bus fueling station.
j. New bus washing station.
k. Purchase and Installation of Furniture.

Loudoun County Public Schools Catoctin Elementary School Three-Classroom Addition, VA
Solicitation No. RFP #20-492
The work may include, but is not limited to:
• Site grading and utility work;
• Construction of a classroom building addition;
• Main entry frame and door installations and modifications;
• Interior vestibule frame and door installations and modifications;
• Main office renovations;
• Restroom relocations;
• Lighting installations and modifications;
• Security installations and modifications;
• Communications and Data installations;
• Lobby area renovations;
• Fire Alarm system installations and modifications;
• Fire Sprinkler system installations and modifications;
• Electrical installations and modifications
• Interior Storefront installations and modifications;
• Door Hardware installations and modifications;
• Security System installation and modification;
• Glass and Glazing installations and modifications;
• Flooring installations and modifications;
• Hazardous Materials Abatement; and
• Ceiling installations and modifications.

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