Bid Schedule

Washington County Hagerstown Regional Airport Hangar 21 Vestibule Addition, MD
Solicitation No. MS-VA-082-18
Subcontractor Bids Due: 9/22/2020 by 5pm

The project involves construction of a 280-square-feet vestibule and egress stair addition to the north side of Hangar 21 at the Hagerstown Regional Airport.  Generally, construction shall consist of a concrete and block foundation, metal stud walls with ribbed metal panel siding (prefinished to match existing metal siding), metal roof rafters with continuous rigid insulation and fiberglass batt insulation, galvalume roof sheeting and metal decking, painted steel stairway and railings, new doors and windows, a fire wall separation between the existing building and the addition, and electrical, mechanical and fire alarm systems.

John Wesley Powell Federal Building Renovations, VA
Solicitation No.:  Task Order
The construction includes demolition, alterations and renovations to storage space on the 1st floor of the John Wesley Powell Building within the print plant area. The proposed area within the first floor of the print plant consists of approximately 22,600 square feet.  The purpose of the project is to reconfigure the 1P space from its current condition to useable warehouse space.  Relocate industrial storage racks from an offsite warehouse in Herndon and install them in the 1P space. Construction disciplines required to complete the work shall include, but are not limited to, General Construction, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Fire Protection, and Asbestos Abatement, etc.

USPS Newport News HVAC Equipment Replacement, VA
Solicitation No. 482263-20-A-0062
Subcontractor Bids Due: 09/28/2020 by 3pm

Demolition and new work involved with the replacement of two water-cooled chillers, two steam boilers, pumps serving boilers and chillers, cooling tower, and eight air handling units. Existing air-cooled chiller will be abandoned in place. Existing three fan coil units will be demolished. All existing radiant heaters on all floor will be abandoned and piping serving those radiant heaters will be capped. Radiant heaters on first floor vestibules will remain active and will be used to provide heating in those vestibules. Two air handlers on first floor work area have hydronic heating and cooling. Integrate all new equipment with the BAS. Program BAS graphics to match new conditions. The electrical scope of work includes the systems, equipment and components required to support the electrical requirements for the replacement of the chillers, boilers, pumps, AHUs and ancillary equipment.

Loudoun County Public Schools Hutchison Elementary School Three-Classroom Addition, VA
Solicitation No. RFQ #20-487
Subcontractor Bids Due: 10/05/2020 by 3pm

Construction of a three-classroom addition, front entry vestibule renovation and main office renovation. Each classroom shall have a private toilet. Exterior construction shall match existing materials to greatest extent possible. Security at all entrances shall be enhanced with security film. The front entrance vestibule and main office shall be renovated with additional security measures, and new casework and finishes. The Work includes all associated plumbing, mechanical, electrical, security, and site work required for the addition and renovations. Site work shall also include the renovations to the existing play yard area.

Repair Fire Suppression, HVAC, Mold, 89 MXG Fuel Cell B1915, Joint Base Andrews, MD
Solicitation No. FA286020R0051
Subcontractor Bids Due: 10/11/2020 by 5pm
The architectural scope of work in B1915 includes miscellaneous finish upgrades throughout the building, as well as supporting the work of the other disciplines, such as repair or replacement of partitions, ceilings, flooring, and other finish materials required by mechanical, electrical, or fire protection work, replacing all exterior doors and replacing flashing at overhead in the hangar. The hangar is located within the flight line and, as such, it is a controlled/restricted area, and escort will be required for workers without appropriate clearances. The work must be scheduled so as to minimize the impact on mission operations.

Repair Roof & Fire Suppression Systems Building 1914, Joint Base Andrews, MD
Solicitation No. FA286020R0050
Subcontractor Bids Due: 10/11/2020 by 5pm
This project includes design and construction for the “Repair Roof & Fire Suppression, Hangar 1, B1914, Joint Base Andrews, MD.”  The facility serves as a helicopter maintenance facility and is located within the flight line. As such, the building is a controlled/restricted area, and escort will be required for workers without appropriate clearances. The work must be scheduled so as to minimize the impact on mission operations. The main goals of this project include the rehabilitation of the existing roof, repair and replacement of the existing fire suppression system, identification and correction of deficiencies in life safety and fire protection systems, installation of mass notification/giant voice systems, repair and replacement of existing electrical system, renovation of existing restrooms for ABA compliance, replacement of exterior doors, replacement of exterior metal panels above windows, installation of exterior lighting, and refinishing of the hangar.

WHS Multiple Award Construction Contract II (MACC II)
The work to be acquired under this indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity (IDIQ) contract is for design-build (DB) and design-bid-build (DBB) construction of government facilities at various locations within Washington Headquarters Services’ (WHS) area of responsibility, including but not limited to, the District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia, and Adams County, Pennsylvania.  Types of projects may include, but are not limited to:

  • Renovation within commercial and industrial buildings
  • Sustainment, restoration, and modernization of existing facilities and infrastructures
  • Design and installation of furniture, fixtures and equipment
  • Installation of energy management controls as necessary to provide turn-key construction solutions
  • Renovation and/or installation of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems
  • Exterior work, to include concrete and limestone installation or repair, and asphalt paving

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