Mr. HessCharles Hess – Manager Member

Charles “Chuck” Hess has more than 41 years of experience building projects up to $150M. Chuck, with his brother, built HESS Construction from a small general contractor to a multi-delivery organization completing nearly $300M annually, including large, complex, fast-track design build projects.  In 2016 Chuck and Christopher Carpenito acquired Cooper and have focused on employing the best people, instituting the best processes and providing the highest quality to Cooper’s clients.



Chris Carpenito – Chief Executive Officer

Christopher Carpenito has more than 25 years of experience in construction. Initially a CPA construction accountant and consultant for an international firm, Christopher worked with some of the largest builders in the nation. He next served for years as a VP for one of the largest construction providers in country and most recently as the EVP and CFO of HESS Construction.  Christopher’s experience as former CFO, combined with his operational experience working on projects ranging from small business to over $1B with large, complex organizations helps him bring a unique combination of experience and leadership to Cooper as well as relate to and understand the needs of even the largest and most complex clients.


Katie LeeKatie Lee – Vice President, Chief Financial Officer

Katie has more than 15 years of experience in construction accounting, originating during her time as a CPA and Auditor for a regional accounting firm during which many of her clients were construction-based. Katie has a unique understanding of the financial needs of construction companies and works closely with our subcontractors as well as our clients to solve problems and ensure risk is managed for all parties and cash flow is maintained – a critical part of the success of any construction project.  Katie has an especially strong understanding of the concerns faced by small business subcontractors and partners with them so that all parties to the  contract are successful.



Joe LeeJoe Lee – Project Executive

Joe has more than 23 years managing field operations and field labor and has responsibility for managing the self-performed labor force for Cooper. Joe ensures that Cooper hires  and retains the highest quality craftsmen, and monitors productivity, quality control, and safety hand-in-hand with Cooper’s Corporate Safety Director.  Joe has extensive experience operating in the most hardened and secure facilities and is trusted by such clients to mobilize Cooper’s Rapid Deployment self-performed forces on a moment’s notice.  This particular element of the self-performed workforce is pre-cleared to work in some of the most sensitive environments and can therefore rapidly access such sites and get to work to solve client urgent needs.




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