Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities

Our SCIF Construction group can deliver design-build turnkey solutions utilizing the latest codes and compliance measures, and prides itself on its' ability to stay ahead of the industry regarding best practices and standards.

Our team excels in the design and construction of sensitive compartmented information facilities, or SCIFs and have been trusted by some of the Nation's most secure agencies. From physical protection and electronic security to visual and audio mitigation, Cooper has the experience, knowledge and personnel to support your needs. Our team has extensive experience and expertise with ICD-705, as well as client specific TEMPEST and other SCIF requirements. We have built permanent SCIFs, as well as Mobile and Modular SCIF buildings, both domestically and internationally.

Selecting a SCIF Contractor

Choosing a contractor to design and/or build your SCIF is an important decision. There are many factors that can your affect your decision including budget, timeline and most importantly the requirements. Due to the specialized nature of SCIFs, SAPF (Special Access Program Facilities) and RFSE (Radio Frequency Shielded Enclosures), the knowledge and experience of the team selected will be vital to a successful build.  Utilizing a design-builder, such as Cooper, will provide for an integrated project delivery where the cost and design can be customized to achieve the specified operational capability.

When you're ready to upgrade your facility or build a new SCIF, Cooper will be here to support your needs.


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